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"I have been so impressed with the practice during lockdown. The regular updates have been informative, reassuring and just the fact that you have bothered to keep in touch with your patients, speaks volumes about our value to you. The organisation when I came for appointments is excellent, and all your staff are very helpful & friendly. Well done all of you. Many thanks."
Newbury. January 2021
"The practice, from the top to the bottom, displays a positive and professional ethos in dealing with clients. Throughout the pandemic, the level of communication has been fantastic. We were regularly informed about the opening hours and given helpful tips about looking after our teeth, our health, and our wellbeing. In dealing with our dental problem, we were provided with a treatment plan which provides options which are fully costed. We are invited to raise any questions or queries we had about the forthcoming treatment. Before our appointment, we were welcomed at reception, politely told to wait and once summoned, we are told what is to happen before it happened and made comfortable throughout. So, from start to finish, from reception to surgery we are very well looked after. Thank you and everyone at the practice for all you do, particularly at this difficult time."
Newbury. December 2020
"We highly recommend Wash Common Dental Practice. We have been patient's for several years and have always been impressed with the level of service and care we have received, and particularly, the regular communications from Dr Singh and his team throughout this difficult time."
Newbury. November 2020
"I had to have a tooth extracted and arrived quite fearful. However, my dentist (Liz Bates) was so kind, explaining what she was doing. This made me feel safe and the fear diminished. Thank you very much."
Newbury. September 2021
"I have been a patient at Wash Common Dental Practice for many, many years now and have always been treated very well by everyone. The premises are always clean and tidy and you always get a warm welcome from the reception staff.

I have had different dentists and hygienists over the years but all have given me very good care especially as I seem to have inherited less than perfect teeth. I am currently having a lot or work done with Seepaul Singh (Implants, new Crowns and a new bridge) and everything had been done to the highest order and to fit in around me. I can certainly recommend this very nice practice"
"Like many people, I am nervous about going to the dentist. However, my anxiety is greatly reduced by the atmosphere always created at Wash Common Dental Practice. It is a friendly, welcoming and relaxing place which I really appreciate. Everyone at the practice, dentists, nurses, hygienists and receptionists are always friendly, kind and caring. The treatments have been painless, never rushed and proceeded by plenty of consultation and follow up by accessible aftercare - all of which provides a reassuring experience. "
Newbury. December 2020
"I wanted to write and thank you and your colleagues for the information you've been sending your patients over the period of the lockdown due to Corona virus. Originally I had check-up appointments in May and I was impressed by that your reception contacted me well before then, and the dates rearranged for last Tuesday. I must admit to have being a little fearful since I've hardly been out of my home since lockdown began; I need not have worried, everything was so well organised and reassuring from the moment I notified reception that I'd arrived, and it was a pleasure to see everyone at Wash Common."
"In the years I have been a patient I have seen lots of changes in technology but very few changes in staff, which indicates a settled, happy and contented personnel. I would never go anywhere else."
"I have been coming here for a long time and have always been dealt with professionally by friendly and helpful staff."
"I have been a client of Wash Common Dental Practice for many years. Each time that I have needed treatment, either with the hygienists or for a filling, root treatment or implant, I have found everyone involved to be of the highest professional standard. Everything was explained carefully beforehand, and any questions answered comprehensively. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr Singh and his team."
"I have been a patient at Wash Common Dental Practice for over 20 years and am not going to change. My health isnt great and it affects my teeth to the point that I need implants although this was compounded by a previous dentist who crowned loads of my teeth unnecessarily. Dr Singh has been incredible, working out the best system that would be most effective for the future and the most cost effective.

I used to be dental phobic but am now completely relaxed, he ensures that after the initial injection there is no pain, if I have anything major done he will call and check on me."
"It was a great pleasure to meet you and thank you for the open and frank diagnosis. I have to say that I found my visit uplifting in so many regards, apart from your general civility, the manner in which you “deflated” my aspirations was skilful beyond words and greatly appreciated. Indeed, you are an exemplar in empathetic professionalism and I am truly grateful. (I will now follow your advice – and hope for a minor miracle so that an implant may eventually be possible. This is, I believe, reflecting a condition called “denial”). Thank you."
Newbury. December 2020
"I wish to commend the reception and staff at the practice for being so supportive during my period of intensive toothache. Though with a previous backlog of patients due to the lockdown I could not get an appointment straightaway, because they could empathise with me, by some re-jiggling I got fitted in later on in the day. The relief from being able to see a dentist and receive some care was great for me. I am truly grateful for the assistance and support, it was a "pain saver"."
Newbury. October 2020
"Outstanding treatment and service. Sylvia is amazingly professional and kind."
Newbury. November 2020
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