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Top Tips

News, blogs and updates from Wash Common Dental Practice about dental and oral health, including FAQs and top tips.

Wellbeing and Oral Health

Health, and wellbeing impacts your oral health. Here are 3 top tips on maintaining oral health.

It is incredibly important that we are looking after ourselves during these changing and stressful times. Your mental and physical well-being is paramount to living a positive and healthier lifestyle, but we must remember not to neglect our oral health too.

Lockdown and your oral hygiene

Top tips for looking after your oral health In this period of lockdown, it is important that you look after your teeth and gums. There are three points which need to be followed to ensure healthy gums and teeth: Effective tooth brushing; Flossing and interdental cleaning; Use of mouth washes Effective tooth brushing. Always use […]

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