Restrictions lifted

Practice Update 25th January, 2022. It has been a long 2 years and it seems the pandemic is nearing an end. The restrictions are being lifted and as such the practice rules reflect the changes made by the Government. As of the 31st January the waiting room will be opened, and you will no longer […]

Practice Update

Happy New Year 4th January, 2022. Wishing you a very safe, happy and prosperous New Year. A brief note to let you know that we are fully open however, we would please ask that you notify us if you have any Covid symptoms or have tested positive before attending your appointment. With the rapidly spreading […]

Covid and Festive Update

December news 13th December, 2021. I would like to start by saying a big “Thank You” for supporting Wash Common Dental Practice and it’s staff throughout the pandemic. Without you, there would be no Wash Common Dental Practice. Over the past eighteen months trading has been difficult with many challenges: closure of the waiting room. […]

Outstanding achievement

British Dental Association (BDA) awards We’re very excited and proud to share that Natalie Ofkants has been been awarded the BDA Education Outstanding Radiography student of 2020. This award goes to the student that attained the highest standing in the BDA Education Radiography examination in 2020. This year two students were chosen for the award, […]

Freedom Day

Practice Update 13th July: With “Freedom Day” looming and the announcement that masks are no longer a legal requirement by the government, I wanted to update you on how Wash Common Dental Practice will look after 19th July. In summary – we will not be making many changes. We have taken advice from British Dental […]

Gardening notes: Spring

Snowdrops bring joy to the hearts of many. A letter from Douglas Harris, Penwood Garden Nurseries.    These simple bulbs also known locally as snowflowers, maids of February, white ladies, candlemas bells and even vegetable snow can be found on hedgebanks and in open woodland throughout Britain.  If you would like to be on equal terms with […]

Poem review: Ulysses

Ulysses & COVID Much like the seemingly endless anguish of lockdown, the King Ulysses reflects on the apparent meaninglessness of his life, trapped on the rocky island of Ithaca. He meditates on his past quests; adventures shared with both friend and foe that have shaped him into the man he is today.  These are the experiences […]

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